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If you are one of Jehovah’s Witnesses, please consider the contents of this site carefully. Yes,  this site does take a critical look at the teachings and practices of the leadership of Jehovah’s Witnesses. But they have invited that critical look at themselves. Consider the following from the August 22, 1984 Awake! magazine. In response to a letter calling them to task for their criticism of the Pope, the “faithful slave” replied:

We surely were not trying to take cheap shots at the pope or the Catholic Church, nor were we criticizing Catholics. The Catholic Church occupies a very significant position in the world and claims to be the way of salvation for hundreds of millions of people. Any organization that assumes that position should be willing to submit to scrutiny and criticism. All who criticize have the obligation to be truthful in presenting the facts and fair and objective in assessing such. In both respects we try to live up to that obligation. – ED.

Those who claim to speak for the “faithful and discreet slave”  have set themselves up as Gods channel of communication with mankind and have stated that one must be connected with them in order to serve Jehovah acceptably and in order to be saved. Therefore, they should be held as accountable and be as subject to a critical examination of their teachings and practices as they feel the Catholic Church should.

I realize that presentation and discussion of the similarities and differences between Jehovah’s Witnesses and “Christendom” may often become adversarial and combative. Talking about Jehovah’s Witness related issues such as blood transfusions, child molestation, disfellowshipping and failed prophecies may seem to be unnecessarily critical and negative.

I have tried to present the information on this site as objectively, accurately and honestly as possible. My subjective observations are my own.

I cannot speak for all former Jehovah’s Witnesses, only for myself. My criticism is not of you as a person, but of the organization and its teachings and policies. It is also criticism of what I did, what I supported and what I was while I was a Jehovah’s Witness. I don’t mean to beat up on you or myself, but I know that sometimes it may feel that way to you (and sometimes to me). If I sometimes sound angry, please realize that I am not angry at you.

I have no reason to be angry at any particular individual Jehovah’s Witness. Any anger that I have is directed at the organization, and also at what I allowed myself to become while I was part of it and at the degree to which I perpetuated the doctrines and policies that I now see were flawed.

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