Donation Arrangement Announcement

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Dec 262004

This is a copy of the material that the Watchtower Society sent to the bodies of elders of congregations in the United States announcing the “complete donation arrangement”. Prior to this arrangement, Jehovah’s Witnesses placed Watchtower literature with householders for a fixed price.

Funeral Discourse Outline

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Dec 262004

Few people realize that Jehovah’s Witness funerals are done from an outline that is supplied by the Watchtower Society. Here is a copy of that outline.

Olin Moyle Letter to Rutherford

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Dec 262004

A copy of a letter from Olin Moyle to Joseph Rutherford. Moyle had previous served as legal counsel for the Watchtower Society. After this letter was sent, Moyle sued the Watchtower for libel over what they had published about him – and he won.