Letter 1

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Dec 242004

In early 1999, I decided that it was time to let my old Jehovah’s Witness friends know what was going on with me – why I left the organization and where I was at spiritually. After nearly a year of prayer and many rewrite, I sent this letter to 70 of my old friends in December of 1999

Letter 2

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Dec 242004

Two days after I sent Letter 1, I received a call from two the the elders of my congregation. They asked if I were formally disassociating myself. When I replied that I was not, I was invited to appear before them to face charges of apostasy. I sent this letter as a reply to that invitation.

Olin Moyle Letter to Rutherford

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Dec 262004

A copy of a letter from Olin Moyle to Joseph Rutherford. Moyle had previous served as legal counsel for the Watchtower Society. After this letter was sent, Moyle sued the Watchtower for libel over what they had published about him – and he won.