Dec 262004

A JW posted on AOL> Maybe because they didnt kill each other in the war of hatred ( ww1 ) millions of Gods trinity believing young men on both sides slaughtering one another on the orders of men in hatred. While the trinity believing clergymen blessed the guns and bombs for the quick destruction of […]

Similar Art Styles or Plagiarism – Which?

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Nov 142010
Similar Art Styles or Plagiarism - Which?

On a trip to my local old bookstore, I came across a set of Bible story books with illustrations that looked very much like what I have seen in Watchtower Society publications for the past several years. A friend had told me about these books and gave me some references to some pictures that appear […]

Jan 252005

Here is a classic piece of Watchtower quoting. It is from the 5/15/83 Watchtower article “Earthquakes-A Sign of the End?” For years the Watchtower Society has tried to prove that part of the fulfillment of the ‘sign’ of the end of this system given by Jesus in Matthew, chapter 23 is an increased occurance of […]