“Inspector Berean and the Case of the Murdered Archangel” by William Bacon

Inspector Berean strolled from the Victoria and Albert Museum into Exhibition Road, northwards in the direction of Hyde Park. His ears detected the distinctive sound of a London Cab . Quickly turning, he was fortunate to observe the cab was fore hire, raising his hand the driver quickly pulled up and the inspector boarded.

“Good day sir” said the driver, “Where would you like?”

“Thank you cabbie, would you take me to 144,000 Russell Square”.

Within seconds Inspector Berean was moving swiftly to his destination.The Inspector had an important appointment to keep and had arranged to meet his two visitors at his office. Twenty minutes later the Inspector was passing the British Museum as the cabbie made his final approach to Russell Square.

Inspector Berean had been a Christian for many years and had acquired a tremendous knowledge of the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society. Today he was to meet his dear brother in Christ, Tom and a young woman named Sue. His guest soon arrived. Entering the study, the Inspector warmly shook the hand of his old friend and was introduced to Sue.

For a number of weeks Sue had been studying with the Jehovah’s Witnesses and had Met Tom who suggested that before making a commitment to the Organisation she should meet with Inspector Berean. The conversation was soon under way, with the Inspector explaining to Sue how the Watchtower had made many false prophecies in its history.
Sue was taken aback at this claim.

“What right have you to condemn the society like that ?”, she retorted. Berean’s reply was not one she expected. He told her that he actually had permission from the society. Explaining to her, he said “In the Watchtower of the 15th of November 1963 page 688 the Society says that to expose publicly a certain religion as being false is a public service instead of a religious persecution. So therefore looking into these matters I must conclude that the teachings of the Society are not in harmony with the Bible.”

“Let me give you some examples of my investigations . If I were to take the watchtower’s teachings as being truth, I would have to come to the conclusion that God is a murderer”, Berean went on, “ The Watchtower Society has said many times, that the Lord Jesus is in fact an angel called Michael “. In their book “ Aid to Bible Understanding” 1971 page 920 we are told that Jehovah God transferred the life force of his first-born son from the spirit realm to earth. We are told in the Watchtower of 15th January 1913 page 23 that a human being has a body and a life force. The union of these makes the soul. We are also told in the Watchtower of April 1881 that angels are composed of a spiritual body and a life force.

They describe death as the dissolution or separation of the things which combine, constitute being, life and body. “So very simply they are saying take away the life force from the body and you have death” “We are further told in Aid to Bible Understanding” 1971 page 1061 that all things having life, either spiritual or fleshly, have an organism or body. Life itself is impersonal, incorporeal, being merely the life principle. Berean went on to explain to Sue, Further to this in the book “Is This Life All There Is” 1974 page 51 it says the spirit is much like electricity which activates many things but does not take on their qualities. They further explain that this life force ,this spirit , like electricity has no conscience existence apart from the body.

In the Awake of 8th August 1972 page 27, it states that on leaving man’s body at death, the spirit does not retain any of the characteristics of the cells. For example in the case of brain cells , the spirit does not retain the information stored there and, continue thought processes. “A very important discovery is made concerning this impersonal life force in the Awake of 8th July 1949. We are told that this life force when separated from its body had no thought , no feeling, it cannot die. We must now remember Jehovah God transferred the life force of Michael to Mary on the earth. Since Michael’s life force was separated from his spirit body, this surely must leave us with a dead angel in heaven.

We must also remember that this life force is impersonal with no thought, no feeling and no intelligent existence. This seems to be a very strange teaching. We are told Jesus was just a man, It is difficult to see how we can connect the two, one is an angel and the other is just a man. It would appear the Lord Jesus Christ, suffered and died went out of existence and now we have an angel called Michael in heaven who is Lord of Lords and King of Kings.

In this amazing story that the Watchtower has spun over the years, exclusively for their deceived people, they have forgotten one thing. Michael the Archangel would need to be omnipresent, a thing that angels are not.

“Explain yourself Inspector” said Sue “ We read in the book of Daniel that an angel was delayed in coming to Daniel’s help, thereby proving that angels are not omnipresent” the Inspector went on “ We are told in the scriptures that a Christian has Christ in him, although the Watchtower deliberately alter these verses and use the term “In Union” the Greek says “In you”. We are told by the Watchtower Society that only the 144,000 are born again, and have Christ in them i.e. Michael. We are told Michael is an Archangel we know angels are not omnipresent, so therefore we would need 144,000 Archangel Michael’s for him to be in the Watchtower’s anointed group.

So Sue was the Archangel Michael murdered? The answer is no. He was is and always will be an angel, and Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever.

copyright 1992 William Bacon

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